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No squares or oppositions

Too Easy that it's Dull

Kelli Fox

You might hope and long for the 'perfect relationship' -- meaning, no arguing; just endless harmony, agreement and affection. If a peaceful and slightly predictable bond is what you're looking for, then this relationship could be really satisfying for both of you, but when you think about it, having few disagreements or other sources of tension between you could get a little dull. That's what the two of you have going on in this relationship, and what you'll have to work against as a couple.

Now, that sounds funny -- 'Work against the fact that we have zero tension? What's wrong with agreeing on everything?' But the funny thing about planetary connections like squares and oppositions is, while they cause stress and disagreements between you, they can also encourage personal growth and transformation, not to mention a bit of passion thrown into the mix. After all, the couple who works out their problems together feels even closer in the end. Without anything causing tension between you, you might slip into a comfortable, reassuring routine, but one that doesn't really challenge you. Plus, a little tension can really spice things up in the bedroom! You'll both have to try a little harder to keep that spark going -- to keep things interesting, so that your relationship doesn't stagnate.

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