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No conjunctions

No Relationship Glue

Kelli Fox

Conjunctions between two people create a feeling of togetherness. Think of this planetary aspect as a powerful point of connection: For better or worse, the couple who has at least one or two conjunctions between them feels bonded, as if they've found a kindred spirit -- even if that bond is through a personality quirk that they don't even like about themselves! But you two don't have any conjunctions between you at all, positive or negative ones.

In real terms, while you might get along like a house afire, at the end of the day, there's not a whole lot that's pulling you together. Sometimes you might even question why you're together at all; it's easy for both of you to forget the source of your attraction or the importance of your bond. That means you'll both have to work a little harder at reaffirming your connection, regularly reminding each other and yourselves why you're a couple. On a more positive note, having no conjunctions can mean that you won't hold each other back from taking the paths you want to take in life. You can let each other be who you are, without placing unreasonable demands on each other out of a sense of need or obligation.

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