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Neptune trine South Node

The spirituality of love

Kelli Fox

Long ago, in a past life too distant to remember, you two were lovers, and you adored each other tenderly and truly. In this life, you have the chance to come together again, to live out more of that old, wonderfully connected bond. You support your lover on a deeply emotional level, and they strive their hardest to do the same for you, because they're so grateful for the tender bond between you.

Basically, you make this person feel like a million bucks, and they want to do the same for you! You treat each other with the utmost care, always lending an ear when it's needed or a shoulder to cry on if that's necessary. You probably tune in to them effortlessly on an intuitive level; you know when they're in the mood for fun and when they're feeling blue, when they're turned on and when they need some alone time -- and all without their having to tell you. This influence can definitely support a long-term bond, because you both feel so beautifully connected and sympathetic. Enjoy this bond; it's a rare one.

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