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Neptune trine North Node

The support you'll need

Kelli Fox

Your partner is headed in a certain direction in their life, and their involvement with you can only help them to progress even further, because you tune in to their ambitions and what's good for them on a very basic level. You simply naturally understand them and what they need to do in their life, and you're able to help them make strides into their future just by being yourself -- by supporting and encouraging them, and by being there for them emotionally. This is a soft, subtle influence, but an important one nonetheless.

You have an intuitive recognition of the subtlety and complexity of life, and you're interested in the interconnectedness of all things and people; and your partner derives a lot of truth and guidance from your spiritual ideas. You could both feel as if your bond is familiar and comfortable from the start, because you just tune in and recognize each other so easily and naturally. That helps to establish a close and tender bond between you, which could easily just keep on going.

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