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Neptune trine Neptune

Lovers in tune

Kelli Fox

You tune in to each other on a deep level from the very start, and it's easy to make a sweet, emotional, intuitive connection despite your age difference. You know just where the other is coming from, even when they're not being concrete or articulate; in fact, words might not even be necessary between you two, because you understand each other so well on an intuitive level. You appreciate each other's dreams in life, and you should definitely discuss the dreams you have at night -- you find that this person has a very unique perspective on your subconscious mind and its workings.

They appreciate you and you appreciate them right back, and the feelings of tender love flow easily between you. You probably idealize each other to some extent, thinking this is the perfect lover for you; but that's not a bad thing. After all, it's wonderful to have at least one person in your life who looks up to you with stars in their eyes, and this is a mutual admiration between you. You treat each other with a lot of romance and compassion; you come to each other with your problems because you know that you find a highly sympathetic and understanding ear in this person. This influence definitely helps to warm up and smooth out any harsher aspects that exist between you.

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