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Neptune trine Mercury

Creative inspiration

Kelli Fox

Abstract communication about creative or intangible subjects -- art, poetry, dreams -- is easy for you two, because you tune right in to your partner's mental rhythms and they're able to understand and make sense of your flights of fancy. Communicating in this interesting, abstract way with each other, you both learn a lot about yourselves as well as about each other. Your psychic bond runs strong because of your natural ability to tune right in to your partner's rhythms.

You inspire each other creatively, and they are able to give form to your more abstract but creative ideas, and for this reason, you'd make a great business partnership as well as a good couple. Your lover has a practical influence in your life, if you let them; they could introduce you to important people who could help bring your wildest ideas to fruition, or you might join some sort of creative or spiritual group together for your mutual enlightenment. Whatever you do with this influence, your imaginations roam new territories and you discuss or feel things you may never have thought possible.

Neptune trine Mercury in the Transit Chart

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