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Neptune trine Mars

Potential for confusion

Kelli Fox

You're able to understand this person's creativity, which is no small thing -- they might not let out their most creative ideas with most people, because they're not sure how they'll be received. With this pairing, neither of you should worry about that. They give form to your more abstract ideas, and you stimulate theirs.

With this kind of influence between you, you can accomplish a lot together because it pairs your partner's drive with your creative ideas. They, especially, may be inspired by you to move to a whole new level in their thinking -- perhaps an emotional or spiritual transformation. They get more in tune with themselves, their intuitions and their deeper motivations. In return, they offer you all their energy, enthusiasm and support. Just be sure to stay communicative with each other, even when things get murky. You could simply be confused together about your aims in life and in the relationship; a feeling of confusion could mark the relationship. As long as you take care to be very, very clear with each other and encourage each other in your self-expression, you find that you gain a new perspective on life and the world you live in. You open each other's minds to all kinds of new horizons. So talk, express yourselves, listen to each other and keep moving forward together into the creative unknown.

Neptune trine Mars in the Transit Chart

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