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Neptune trine Juno

Finding the love you're looking for

Kelli Fox

What's your dearest, sweetest, deepest fantasy when it comes to love? Think about it for a minute. Don't you want to be overpowered by love, such that you drop all your walls and hang-ups and complications, and just connect with someone on a deeply intimate level?

Well, get ready for the fantasy to become a reality. For the two of you, connecting intuitively is natural; it feels as easy as speaking. You soften each other up and bring out a very compassionate and creative side in each other -- and if either of you has a very demanding career or otherwise busy, hectic life, this comes as a welcome, wonderful and unexpected gift. Together, you find a love so tender and true that at times, it overwhelms you, even shocks you with its sweet, subtle intensity. It is really the fulfillment of a fantasy for both of you. You can bet that this is a wonderful aspect for a long-term relationship. In itself, it doesn't lead to a commitment or sustain a lifelong relationship, but when added to the whole of your relationship, it means that love and connection are your anchor. When the waters of life get rough, when storms blow into your relationship, this love connection is always there between you, as reliable as it is ephemeral.

Neptune trine Juno in the Composite Chart

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