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Neptune trine Ascendant

A sense of destiny

Kelli Fox

You're highly emotionally attuned and intuitively connected with this person, and they may be in awe of you on a spiritual level. Basically, you both feel as if you've found each other in order to help each other ascend to a higher spiritual plane! This isn't an ordinary love affair, partly because, while this aspect hugely increases the chances of the two of you falling in love -- real, true, deep love -- it simultaneously decreases the physical expression of your bond.

Put more plainly, your emotional bond is so satisfying and overwhelming that you might not feel the need to reach out and touch each other with your hands as well as your hearts. But physical intimacy, after all, is one of the things that differentiates your relationship from merely a friendship, so remember to satisfy each other's physical cravings as well as your emotional ones. After all, your cuddle sessions are really amazing with the kind of emotional bond you share. You, especially, should also watch out that you don't idealize your lover too much. While it's fun and romantic to get lost in a relationship, in this one, you run the risk of getting so into this person that when they let you down -- just by being a normal, flawed human being -- it seems like a bigger deal than it really is.

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