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Neptune square Uranus

Two kinds of genius

Kelli Fox

This is a case of two different kinds of geniuses trying to make it work -- it just doesn't. There is too much friction between you. You are always more dreamy, more intuitive and instinctive in your approach to creativity and problem-solving, and that is a method that works for you, as it's based on a lifetime of experience, of honing your skills.

Your partner tends to take a very different tack -- one of wild ideas and spontaneous action that could seem undisciplined at best. They're not undisciplined, they're creative! They don't mind trying something that doesn't end up working, because they know it will be an experience that can be used later. Their way is quite the opposite of your slower way of feeling things out and intuiting the nature of a situation, that's for sure! Each of your methods could really get on the other's nerves, especially for you, the more intuitive partner, whose nerves could get jangled just being around that kind of kinetic energy. You might find that your energies are just too different to get along long-term, or you might have to be creative about making space in one relationship for two such different ideologies.

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