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Neptune square South Node

Eyes wide open

Kelli Fox

Take special care to keep your eyes wide open, because you stand a significant chance of being utterly misled through the course of this relationship. Most likely, it isn't due to any intentional deceit, either; you just aren't able to see your partner clearly through those filmy, rose-colored glasses you're wearing! You idealize them from the beginning; you believe you have a lot in common, and you fantasize that this person could be the one your soul has been seeking all along.

Maybe there is something really significant and special between you, waiting to be discovered. But there are also plenty of bad connections, like a phone with static. Even the best couples have flawed communication from time to time, and the best couples are able to view each other holistically, meaning, as the people that they really are -- warts and all. If you two can't do that for each other, you're bound to end up disillusioned when things turn out not to be what you expected. Part of the problem here lies in the fact that you've done it all before -- not in this lifetime, but in a past one, in which you were lovers. This person either intentionally or accidentally misled you as to their intentions for the relationship. Don't make the same mistake this time; try to be really clear and realistic with each other about what you're looking for, and what you have to offer.

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