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Neptune square Saturn

Realism versus idealism

Kelli Fox

Your partner naturally takes a practical view of life; they trust in the things that they can see, touch, feel and otherwise count on in a tangible way. They believe in hard work and responsibility, and anything more abstract than that seems untrustworthy or out-and-out silly to them. But there's a whole other side of things -- the intangible, the instinctive, even the psychic -- and you have a good grasp on these concepts.

You tend to lead with your gut, acting on instinct and reaching out as often with your mind as you do with your hands. This can actually be threatening to your partner, if they need to stand on solid ground to feel comfortable. These differences between you could lead to episodes of intense controlling behavior in which your partner tries to control your sense of reality, in order to validate their own. They find that their attempts to control you don't work -- and they don't lead anywhere good. Instead of setting up this pattern of attempted control and clashing of wills, why not do the hard work of learning to accept your differences? That's the only way that you're able to get along. It's hard work, but if you can do it, you both learn a lot about how to blend the other's point of view with your own for a greater overall perspective.

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