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Neptune square Pluto

Different codes

Kelli Fox

The intensity of this aspect depends on both your individual birth charts, not to mention the other aspects that exist between you as a couple, but whether it's strong or subtle, it isn't easy to deal with. You just have such different spiritual creeds, and there isn't any common ground between the two. Instead of respecting your views and listening for things they could learn from or adopt for themselves, your lover looks askance at the way you think about life, love and spirituality.

They likely have a more forceful personality than you do and even try to control how you think, or to change your spiritual beliefs to match up more with theirs. But this isn't fair, and you shouldn't feel pressured by them to change anything about yourself. The best romantic relationships are about acceptance, not intolerance and coerced change. You should be listening to each other, not closing yourselves off to each other; respecting each other's beliefs, not telling each other your beliefs are wrong. Similarly, you tend to rely on a feeling of intuition to get through life -- an impressionistic way of viewing the world. Your partner, on the other hand, tries to tell you that there's no such thing as intuition, and that you should be relying on cold, hard facts, not intangible feelings.

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