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Neptune square North Node

An elusive influence

Kelli Fox

You two have a deeply emotional bond, but it could be an elusive one -- and, worse, it could obscure your partner's individuality in the face of trying to hold onto your bond as a couple. This isn't something that happens because of any sort of deliberate manipulation on your part, of course; it is just a natural quality of your relationship. You can only work through it if you recognize that it's there.

You have an elusive quality to your personality that draws your partner in, like a mystery just begging to be solved. But in this case, solving the mystery that you present might not be the best use of your lover's time and energy. While it might feel romantic for them to place all their attention on you, trying to figure out who you are and what makes you tick, it isn't the best thing for either of you as individuals, because you each need to cultivate your own lives, your own ideas and individuality. This relationship may have it's ups and downs, but your individuality will remain strong. You should help to steer your partner away from becoming obsessed with you, and to learn that being themselves, rather than being consumed by you, is really their best course in life.

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