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Neptune square Neptune

Missing the subtleties

Kelli Fox

This aspect makes it hard for you two to get along. You are widely separated by age. You don't understand each other's minds; you think your lover is thinking one thing, and really their mind is somewhere else entirely.

No matter how motivated or decisive you might really be, your lover looks at you with critical eyes, and sees you as being monumentally unmotivated, indecisive, unrealistic and dreamy! You don't understand each other's hard work; you might not even be able to see it. An author, for example, does half their work in their head, dreaming up characters and plot twists and funny or tragic situations; but from the outside, it looks like they're doing nothing but procrastinating and wasting time. The same is true for mathematicians, scientists and anyone else whose brain requires time and space for those creative spurts to well up and bear fruit. This is the way you interact with each other -- one of you is on the inside, making progress or working in your own way, and your lover is on the outside, critical of you because it seems as if you're making zero progress and have no plans. You find it hard to establish common ground, because your generations, dreams, and ideals are so different. If you are in it for the long-term, you really have to talk things through to try to understand what's going on under a seemingly placid surface.

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