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Neptune sextile Saturn

Keep the lines open

Kelli Fox

You focus together on ascending to greater spiritual heights, and you both come through this relationship with a greater sense of awareness of the universe and yourselves -- as long as you take care to communicate well with each other. You inspire each other to adopt new ways of thinking. For example, your partner tends to be what they think of as a realist, but that realism is really more like cynicism, pessimism or even a lack of emotion at times.

This relationship helps them to open up their soul a little bit and soften those hardened layers of doubt and mistrust in the universe. If they've gotten used to controlling their environment and relying only on the things they can see, touch, feel and so on, this relationship helps to open them back up to the intangible. You have much more of a grasp of the intuitive and emotional side of life, and help them to get in touch with their subtler feelings as well. In return, they retain just enough of that grounded practicality to help you keep your feet on the ground. The two of you might actually do some hard work in a spiritual arena, which comes in the form of long discussions that cover abstract subjects like psychic ability and so on. You might even choose to take a class in mysticism or some other spiritual pursuit together, or pursue some other formalized route toward enlightenment.

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