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Neptune sextile Neptune

A fine romance

Kelli Fox

This aspect is a wonderful one for a long-term relationship as well as a shorter one, because it lends you such a nice feeling of togetherness, even though there is a considerable age difference. You share similar ideals, and you talk them over together -- or not; you might even understand each other well enough that words are superfluous. Whatever one of you believes in, the other does too -- or at least is amenable to hearing you out and trying to understand your point of view.

Beyond your ideological similarities, you also share a wonderful aesthetic sense of all the things that make life worth living -- music, art, romance ... You might even have a whirlwind courtship, because your dates are so wonderfully romantic! You visit art galleries and museums together, go see the symphony or a play, or just stay home and listen to old records, laughing over the stories of your lives. You just appreciate each other, and the company that you give each other. What a nice aspect to have between two people, as it really promotes a feeling of love and unity that goes a long way during troubled times.

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