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Neptune sextile Jupiter

An idealistic bond

Kelli Fox

Spiritually, you lift your partner up into the clouds. You stimulate the most idealistic parts of their nature, and they could just step off the edge of the mundane world and into the stratosphere with you! If your sexual bond is a strong one, this makes it even more so, because the feelings you both experience during lovemaking are quite overwhelming.

Of course, this could make it hard to get your normal, day-to-day duties done -- after all, who wants to pay bills, clean house or go to work when you could spend time with this amazing person in your life who makes you feel as if your very soul is expanding? What a wonderful effect this is! You could even share a psychic bond, one that helps you tune right in to your partner's feelings and emotions without their having to open their mouth to speak. This strong tie increases the sense that you're a wonderfully connected unit that has a deeper bond than either of you has ever experienced before. This influence could also be a troublesome one, especially for your partner, if they don't take themselves firmly in hand. At least one of you has to be the practical one, the one who injects a dose of reality or discipline when it's needed, and that responsibility probably falls to your lover.

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