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Neptune sextile Juno

The fulfillment of a dream

Kelli Fox

Whether you've been looking for something serious or just for something fun to pass the time, this relationship could take you by surprise with its depth of connection and fulfillment of your dreams. Because whether you admit it or not, you've always had some part of your soul that has yearned for the fulfillment of that fantasy that all of us hold -- of finding a true love, someone with whom we can be connected so deeply that we don't even have to speak sometimes; someone who just gets us, and we get them. That's just what you likely find in this person.

That's not to say that you get together and just stop talking and start intuiting -- no! Direct communication is still necessary, and occasional snags still come up in the relationship. But you have a really romantic connection that makes both of you long for more. You're attracted to the poet that lives within each other, and you draw out that quality in your lover when you're together. Special little love notes or an overwhelmingly magical sensation during lovemaking are just a couple of the ways that this feeling manifests itself. You both love falling in love, and it lives on in your imaginations and your memories as a really special time in your lives, a time when you connected not just with another amazing soul, but with your own.

Neptune sextile Juno in the Composite Chart

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