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Neptune quincunx Saturn

Adjusting your viewpoints

Kelli Fox

Though you may have entered the relationship believing that you have a lot in common, after a while, it becomes obvious that you differ in some frustrating and subtle ways. Neither of you understands the other very well, which leads to feelings of mistrust and frustration. Your grounded, practical partner looks to you more like someone who's overly rigid, a stick-in-the-mud who is afraid to take a chance in life.

On the other hand, your intuitive sense of the world and your reliance on your gut instincts looks to them like you really don't have a plan -- like you're too flaky to get things done in an orderly, efficient way. In order to get along, you both have to try harder to understand where your lover is coming from. You each have to set aside your skepticism for their way of looking at things, and instead, try to see things through their eyes. You just might learn that there's actually a lot about their viewpoint that makes sense -- and with hard work, you could eventually blend your viewpoints for an overall greater, more holistic perspective of the universe.

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