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Neptune opposite Uranus

All or nothing

Kelli Fox

Well, you two are very different! But you might just be able to help each other make things happen. On an artistic level, you're far enough apart that you are of some use to each other.

You each have some pretty unique and interesting ideas to bring to the table, and it could work, exactly because you're so different. You open each other up to new ideas, new paths of creativity or spirituality that you might never have thought of before. You're able to help your partner with creative problem-solving; with illuminating the meaning of their dreams; with pretty much anything that has anything to do with thinking outside the box. You're comfortable with their most abstract ideas, which feels great for them. You have to take turns though! You have to cede the spotlight to each other and be willing to go for periods of time without it, because the way it works between you doesn't make room for both of you to be creative at once. It's more like taking turns in helping each other, listening to each other and bringing each of your ideas into focus. This is potentially a really beneficial aspect, if you know how to deal with it.

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