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Neptune opposite Neptune

Giving up your ideals

Kelli Fox

No matter how motivated or decisive you might really be, your lover looks at you with critical eyes, and sees you as being monumentally unmotivated, indecisive and unrealistic -- a dreamer! But the world needs dreamers; how would books get written or paintings painted if the world had no one with a creative, dreamy mind? The world would be a sad place without the kind of creativity that you indulge in occasionally.

Even mathematicians and scientists -- anyone else who needs extended periods of time to be creative in their thinking -- can seem from the outside as if they're just spacing out, when really, great ideas are percolating under the surface. But with the two of you, there isn't much tolerance for a dreamy state of mind in which magic can happen. Though you both have your dreamy side, one of you is more overtly decisive or ambitious than the other, and that partner tries to force the other to do things their way. No more procrastination! You have to work hard, get out there, apply yourself if you want to find success! This is the mantra you adopt as a couple, in the name of creating a more cohesive union and making the relationship work. But the problem is, it doesn't really help the relationship. What is best is also the hardest thing -- to accept your differences, learn what you can from each other and make your own way.

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