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Neptune opposite Juno

The harsh light of reality

Kelli Fox

Sometimes people get involved in a relationship that turns out not to be as fulfilling or as functional as they might have hoped, but they stay in it anyway, trying to convince themselves -- and their family, their friends and everyone else around -- that it's working fine, that it's even a dream come true. But everyone knows it's not, including that person, deep down in their soul. You run the risk of being that person if you stay involved in this relationship, clinging to false hope and misplaced idealism instead of accepting the reality of the situation.

You have some very well-defined ideals when it comes to the perfect love and what you're looking for in a mate. In this relationship, you visit all those ideals on your partner, stubbornly wearing rose-colored glasses even if there's no reason or encouragement to do so. At some point, the glasses have to come off, and you realize that things aren't nearly as rosy as you've been trying to convince yourself. As for your partner, this is a very uncomfortable experience. They're put up on a pedestal and held to a standard that they can't possibly live up to. They might try for a while to be the person you so obviously want them to be, but soon it comes out that you two have two different agendas.

Neptune opposite Juno in the Composite Chart

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