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Neptune opposite Ascendant

An idealistic illusion

Kelli Fox

This is a tricky influence for a love affair. It signifies one of a few different possibilities, all of which have to do with deceiving yourselves in some way. One possibility is that you idealize your lover to the point that you aren't really dealing with them as a real person -- instead you're in love with the image you've created.

While all love affairs have a certain amount of unrealistic projection that's part of the feeling of love itself -- after all, that's the good stuff, the emotionally overwhelming stuff -- as you can imagine, it can be quite a letdown when you realize that you're in love with someone you've made up, and not the very real (read: flawed) human being who's actually standing in front of you. Another possibility, somewhat similar in tone, is that you see your lover's flaws and limitations, and you cast yourself in the role of savior, there to dole out selfless love and devotion to help them improve themselves or their station in life. Give your lover unconditional support and selfless love? Yes, by all means! But don't let it turn into a kind of ego trip, which it does if you do it with a martyr-like tone. And what if your support doesn't work -- what if your lover persists in being flawed or limited, despite all your best efforts? This aspect is all about learning to view yourself, your partner and your love affair in the sometimes harsh light of truth, rather than through rose-colored glasses.

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