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Neptune conjunct Sun

The power of the heart

Kelli Fox

This relationship carries its own subtle power. You've felt connected to each other from the beginning, as if you've known each other for a long time, even when you first met. There is a very real and deep understanding and acceptance that runs between you, because somehow, your soul recognizes your lover's.

Because of this depth of recognition between you, given time, you very well might fall in love -- or at least develop a deep sense of caring for one another. Your feelings of devotion only increases over time. Your ideals are on a par with theirs, which could mean that you see them in a highly unrealistic light. Unless other aspects between you indicate problems in this area, this shouldn't be a bad thing. It simply lends a dreamy quality to your connection that stimulates romantic feelings in both of you. You, especially, feel that the relationship, or the love between you, is bigger than either of you, and you feel awed by the power of the heart. You're highly sensitive to your lover's needs and to their moods and feelings, and you work hard to support them emotionally. In fact, you might have a psychic connection to them that keeps you in tune with them even when you're not physically in the same space. When you are in the same space, you finish their sentences and you both feel united as a team.

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