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Neptune conjunct North Node

Losing sight of the path

Kelli Fox

Somehow, this relationship confuses your partner's individual ideas of where they need to head in life. You two have a strong emotional bond, but it could actually obscure their individuality in the face of the power of your union as a couple. This doesn't happen because of any sort of deliberate manipulation on your part; it's just a natural quality of your relationship, one that has to be recognized in order to be worked around.

Your partner might have even fallen so much in love with you that they no longer care about the plans they made before the two of you met; they want to make plans that benefit the relationship. While this feels overwhelming and really romantic, it isn't necessarily the best thing for either of you as individuals. After all, you're both unique people, first and foremost; the relationship may have its ups and downs, but you're there through the whole thing, the same person, with the same life path laid out before you. Allowing a relationship to get you off-track isn't a good idea! Instead, you should both try to find a way to honor your own paths in life while also honoring your bond as a couple. You have a very creative, inspiring bond, even an intuitive one; why not use this to inspire you in attaining your own goals, instead of just reveling in couple-dom? That way, you're able to enjoy the best of both worlds!

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