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Neptune conjunct Moon

Psychic connection

Kelli Fox

The emotional bond between you is strong, intimate, even overwhelming. You're probably more connected spiritually than sexually -- but in the end, that may be the more satisfying bond of the two. You feel as if you're working together toward a higher purpose.

Whether this takes on the realm of the personal -- helping each other transcend past issues, for example, and emerge onto higher emotional ground -- or something larger than just the two of you, such as a spiritual quest, is up to you. Just know that nearly anything is possible when it comes to emotional transformations. You're connected almost on a psychic level; you might finish each other's sentences or know what the other is thinking -- even when you're not in the same room! You communicate on a deeper level than just talking things out. In fact, plenty of times you don't need words to express your innermost feelings. There is just a feeling of kinship and intuitive understanding between you that fosters strong feelings of love. In fact, you're likely to feel like soul-mates -- as if you've known each other forever, even from the time when you just met. It's that easy to connect, for your souls to recognize each other! Just be sure to stay as grounded as possible. With this sort of dreamy, ethereal influence setting the tone between you, you might just float off into space together unless there are more stabilizing aspects between you.

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