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Neptune conjunct Midheaven

Diverting your partner's attention

Kelli Fox

You might be able to be a positive, creative inspiration for your lover's work, but that's not the only possible outcome of this influence. Even if your lover's career goals or their ambitions regarding the work that they do that's most important to them are well-defined, they can expect that this relationship makes those goals fuzzy at best. Part of the problem is that all the hard work and planning that they've put into their career suddenly seems null and void when you're together.

There is a feeling that planning anything at all is pointless, even silly; as if you two should be able to just drift along in life and have opportunities wash your way. But they know -- and you should know -- that while sometimes opportunities present themselves seemingly out of the blue, hard work is still essential to achieving success. Hardly anyone is a success simply by having it handed to them, and the same is true for the two of you. Diverting your lover's focus from their work is easy, though, and could even be pleasurable -- after all, it's more fun to get lost in romantic reveries together than it is to apply yourself to your work and remain dedicated and determined! But you should both try as hard as you can to stay focused, even when the relationship seems more appealing than your career. Otherwise, you might wake up at some point from a pleasant dream -- and find that you've made no progress at all toward your real dreams.

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