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Neptune conjunct Mars

Weakened energies

Kelli Fox

This relationship is confusing for both of you. Though you try to be upbeat and enthusiastic when you get together, your partner might find that their energy is sapped through the course of your interactions, and they leave each date feeling drained, even depressed. This happens because you, naturally and inadvertently, have a dissipating effect on their energies.

Everyone works better and more effectively when their energy is focused, and you unwittingly have a dissolving effect on this person's focus. They aren't able to concentrate when you're together; the plans you make often fall apart, and they could start to feel as if they just shouldn't even try -- what's the use, after all? Sexually this could be a really difficult aspect to deal with. All your lover's drive and potency could be drowned in your wash of emotions. But don't worry too much. Though this is all sounding pretty negative, there is a definite positive side to this influence. For one thing, you encourage this person to be more loving and compassionate. That same energy that dissipates their energies also encourages them to slow down and tune in to their intuitions. After all, it could be that their plans fall through because they weren't well founded in the first place. You also stimulate their creativity. Romantically, though, this could be a difficult influence to bear, because your emotions overwhelm and effectively drown your partner's desires.

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