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Neptune conjunct Jupiter

Feet on the ground

Kelli Fox

You find that you have much in common when it comes to your spiritual values and philosophical beliefs. You may even feel as if you've been called together in some way, because your spiritual bond is so strong! Along the same lines, you could share a psychic bond, one that helps you, especially, know intuitively what your partner is thinking or feeling without their having to put it into words.

This strong emotional tie increases your feelings of commonality and sensitivity toward each other, and you might share a greater respect and protectiveness than either of you has ever felt in a relationship before. The only problem with this aspect is that it encourages a dreaminess that moves you both away from reality -- meaning, if your partner isn't careful to stay firmly grounded, they might just float off into the stratosphere with you! This is a wonderful quality for certain activities -- lovemaking, or lying together beneath the stars, letting your thoughts wander -- but you should be careful when it comes to taking risks together. A trip to Las Vegas might not be the best vacation for you two, because you might leave home with dollar signs in your eyes, and then come back with empty wallets and broken dreams. Your combined tendency toward exaggeration, on your lover's part, and gullibility, on yours, gets you into trouble unless you make sure to keep your feet on the ground.

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