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Neptune conjunct Juno

Looking for that sensitive soul

Kelli Fox

This person sees the artist, the poet, the sensitive soul in you, and they know they've found their match. You're both in love with love, with the fantasy and fairy tale of it. You want a love that lasts, and you want it to deliver everything you always thought it could -- thrills, shivers, gasps of loveliness.

You both want to be in love with someone with whom you can be connected on a deeply compassionate level; someone who willingly enters your fantasy life, with whom you don't even have to speak to communicate the images that play out in your heads when you're together. Does this sound like a dream, a fantasy? Because you find this and more in each other. Here, finally, is the person you've been dreaming of -- perhaps literally, at night, when you're asleep. When you meet, your souls recognize each other, and you both know -- this is the one that could last a lifetime. It doesn't just take a sense of the mystical side of love, of course; you need something much more solid between you to act as the foundation of your relationship if you're really going to make this work long-term. With this aspect between you, you've got a wonderful start. The love you share is epic, and it soothes each of you down into your souls.

Neptune conjunct Juno in the Composite Chart

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