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Neptune conjunct Ascendant

Bewitched by love

Kelli Fox

Your lover could be very attracted to you for the sense of mystery that permeates your bond -- as if there's something wonderful they're just about to discover about you, and it's constantly just out of their grasp! They may be right; you're a mystery to them, and there could be parts of your personality or body of experience that really enhance their life if they could just put their finger on it. Doing that is much more easily said than done, however.

In some way, you wear a variety of different faces when you're together, making your bond a confusing one, even if it's tantalizingly so. Your lover might even feel as if you've bewitched them in some way -- they feel addicted to the relationship as if it's a drug, and they don't know why it holds such sway over them! As long as you're both feeling this way, it should be an overall positive connection between you; but if there's an imbalance in feeling, that's when trouble starts. You could let your lover down when the veils of mystery are parted to reveal just a normal person, not a mystical being at all. Clear communication helps. If you have some urge to create mystery surrounding yourself, deliberately misleading your partner -- even just for fun --don't do it! Clarity is hard enough to come by between you without adding deliberate deception to the mix.

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