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Moon unaspected

All about feelings

Kelli Fox

There are no Moon connections between you, which means that your emotional natures just won't connect. If you get romantically involved, you might be surprised at how often you'll feel as if you just don't get where the other person is coming from. There's an emotional disconnect here, which can be pretty hard to bridge, especially when love is supposed to be involved.

Your individual ideas of what it is to love someone -- to nurture and care for them, to be sensitive to their needs, to adore and protect them -- will be really different. You might end up finding that your expressions of love will just fly right over each other's heads. Needless to say, you could both end up feeling emotionally neglected, even if you're giving each other everything you have to give! If you do get emotionally involved with each other, try to remember that this pesky disconnect exists; it could help you to avoid getting upset over something that you can't really control.

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