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Moon trine Venus


Kelli Fox

In a word, you two find you're simpatico. You have so much to offer each other, so many wonderful qualities to bring to the table in your relationship, and you both appreciate these gifts. You feel wonderful just being together, because you naturally find a certain rhythm that works for both of you.

For one thing, your lover just loves looking at you; you rest easy on their eyes! The physical attraction between you is boosted by this aspect. You find that you share a sense of aesthetics, both personally -- the clothes you like to wear, for example -- and in your home -- how you like to decorate, what artwork you put up on the walls and so on. You stimulate one another's creativity; if you live together, you have a home that satisfies both of you on an artistic level as well as a comfort level. These outward, artistic similarities between you are just external manifestations of an inner synchronicity. You support one another as best friends; desire one another as lovers; understand one another as twin souls. The only danger here is that you get along so well, you may develop a lazy attitude toward life together! After all, even the best of relationships take some work. Take care to nurture your bond, and you'll stand a strong chance of forging or continuing your long-term connection.

Moon trine Venus in the Transit Chart

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