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Moon trine South Node

Like old friends

Kelli Fox

You've had a close, loving and nurturing bond from the very beginning, because you were probably involved in a past life. You had a relationship then in which you nurtured and cared for this person, and those old feelings of love and support are still be present in this life. When you're together, your partner just feels good -- soothed -- as if you're a safe harbor for them to come to when they want to get away from the storm of life.

The connection and support comes so easily to you that your lover probably takes it for granted, just counting on your bond to pick them up when they're down or show them the way when they feel directionless. Make sure not too get too complacent, though; always try to give them good advice, and your lover should make every attempt to return the care that they receive from you. That way, you both get the most out of this very beneficial influence.

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