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Moon trine Neptune

Artistically inclined

Kelli Fox

Your emotional bond is so deep that you connect on an intuitive level, one that's creative and even artistic. You probably enjoy music or poetry together, or visits to the art gallery to soak up that artistic energy. When you talk about your impressions of the work, you may find that you saw it in similar ways; that your minds and hearts picked up on the same feelings and sensations, and you processed the power of the moment in ways that really mesh well together.

That could make you feel so close that it might seem like you were fated to meet and fall in love, but make sure you don't get too caught up in the wonder and romance and fantasy of your connection. After all, no matter how psychically attuned you might be, you don't always know exactly what the other is thinking. To give up on verbal communication would be a mistake, because you'd just start misunderstanding each other and projecting incorrect assumptions onto each other. As long as you can remind yourselves and each other from time to time that love itself is basically an illusion, and remember to enjoy your emotional connection for what it is rather than expecting unrealistic things from your bond, you'll be able to stop short of idealizing each other and will instead create a really lovely, loving bond.

Moon trine Neptune in the Transit Chart

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