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Moon trine Mars

Positive action

Kelli Fox

The energy that runs like a current between you is very passionate, hot and sensual. Your sex life is really sparked up by this aspect; you have a great physical connection that's based on a wonderfully close emotional connection. Your partner might be the more upbeat and positive of the two of you, and they are always able to add a dose of fun and excitement to your mood.

When you're feeling down, your partner encourages you to get outside, get active and feel better. You have a very upbeat influence on each other and together, you feel like you can meet any challenge. It's not that you never fight, either; but even your fights are fun, or at least interesting and engaging. You both understand that you're arguing because you care. Fighting can be a road to intimacy. You aren't scared to stand up for yourselves, either, and you care enough about each other to take the time to make sure you're being heard. Can you guess how you make up after an argument? That's right -- in the bedroom, letting all that passion change into a form that's a lot more fun for both of you! This aspect is great for long-term connections, because it really lets you both be your true, passionate, feeling and active selves.

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