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Moon trine Jupiter

Heightened self-knowledge

Kelli Fox

You share an ongoing conversation about yourselves, your lives and the ways that each of you experiences the world, and that conversation leads to greater self-knowledge for both of you. Though you're equals and entered your relationship as equals, there is a certain element of teacher and student energy between you and your lover. The roles won't be fixed, either; you take turns learning from and teaching each other.

You have much to reveal to one another, both about yourselves and about your perceptions of one another. Elements of your personality that are less than apparent to you -- habitual behaviors, for example, or old, hidden hurts -- are brought to light through this relationship, but in a way that you can handle. You process through these feelings and gradually elevate yourself to a new state of being -- and it should all be pretty painless! Even enjoyable, in fact. You love talking with each other, comparing notes on what it's like to be you. You boost each other's confidence and make each other feel generally wonderful. There is a lot of respect between you and your lover, and that comes through loud and clear. When you're together, you both feel the better for it, as if your connection is actually lending you energy that is positive for your growth as an individual -- and it is. So enjoy, but be sure not to take the positive benefits for granted!

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