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Moon trine Juno

A dream come true

Kelli Fox

You both need a lover who nurtures you and cares for you, one who understands your emotional depths, one who loves you and, best of all, lets you love them back with all the wildness and tenderness that's inside you. This could be just the relationship you need, especially if other aspects support a deeply emotional bond and long-term connection, because this particular aspect speaks to both of those things. It's an important influence to have in a long-term relationship.

Even if you got into this just for fun, for a casual affair, you may have been surprised when things got a lot more serious and you started talking commitment! You really connected on a deep, emotional level. You instinctively knew what the other needed -- when they needed to be alone, when they needed to be cuddled, when they needed advice and when they needed simple sympathy. You felt the same kind of unspoken understanding coming from your lover. You two are just well-matched when it comes to your hearts and minds. Whatever obstacles your relationship might have is greatly smoothed out by this aspect. Any problems that come up between you are softened by the big, sweet love you share, and by the feeling of understanding and sympathy you have for each other.

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