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Moon square Venus

A critical eye

Kelli Fox

You two might feel frustrated when you're together, as if the person that you truly are is under attack in some way. You may find that you're out of sync with each other, emotionally and otherwise. Neither of you may ever seem to want what the other wants at the same time.

When one of you is up, feeling good and wanting intimacy, the other is down, feeling aloof and needing to be alone. Your values could be similarly in conflict; what makes one of you feel great, excited, seems lackluster, silly or even distasteful to the other. No two people can ever share all the same values or be on the same wavelength all the time, of course; and two unique individuals meshing their lives together is part of the excitement of a new relationship. You two find it difficult to remain feeling confident and supported when you're together. Your differences come across as criticism; your view of your partner might even translate itself into a sort of distaste that you can hardly keep hidden. Your disagreements may often have to do with appearances -- how you look or dress; how you come across in public to your friends or colleagues. You two probably have some very different ideas about what's right and wrong in terms of keeping up appearances. You either learn a lot in this relationship or it'll end up wearing on your self-confidence and your sense of yourself as a person.

Moon square Venus in the Transit Chart

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