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Moon square North Node

On shaky ground

Kelli Fox

You should both be careful with this influence, because it could cause you to draw your lover off course and they might neglect the path they're supposed to follow in life. You find that each of you has had life experiences that are entirely different from the other's. You have two different frames of reference for what's what in the world, and that could mean one of two possibilities.

First, your lover could find your life and experiences so fascinating that they'll switch tracks, so to speak, in order to merge with you -- a sort of grass-is-greener syndrome that means that they neglect their own life and interests. Or, the second possibility is that you find their life so strange and incomprehensible that you view the differences as a threat, and you fail to learn the lessons that you do have to learn from them. This second possibility is the more likely of the two, and means that you never feel on solid ground with each other. You feel like two strangers thrown into close quarters -- and each of you feels the lack of understanding as a lack of love. If you try to understand your lover rather than viewing them as an oddity at best, you definitely learn a lot -- but that's easier said than done. Odds are, the strain of comprehending something so far outside your own sphere of influence proves too difficult.

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