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Moon square Neptune

Confusing emotions

Kelli Fox

You might think everything's fine and dandy between you, when really, you're not connecting at all -- and neither one of you will realize it until it's too late. Remind yourselves repeatedly to be completely open about your feelings, because otherwise, you run the risk of being misunderstood or misinterpreted by your partner. You are rather sensitive to your lover anyway; they are capable of pushing your buttons without even realizing they're doing so.

If you misunderstand where your partner is coming from, or if you feel misunderstood yourself, then that only creates more opportunities for oversensitivity or hurt feelings. It will be hard to trust each other when you don't even feel as if you're being seen for the person that you truly are, but you can take the responsibility for that into your own hands, at least to a certain extent. If you allow yourselves to dissolve into tears or tantrums in an attempt to get your point across, you can be relatively assured that that it only leads to further confusion. Gentle, open and honest communication, on the other hand, will help clarify any issues that arise between you.

Moon square Neptune in the Transit Chart

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