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Moon sextile Venus

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Kelli Fox

The loving, sexual, emotional bond between you is free-flowing, open and clear. You both feel elevated and enlightened by the experience of loving each other! Your physical attraction is hot and vital, but it isn't just based on physicality; instead, your bodies respond to each other due to the emotional attunement that you feel when you're together.

You each have a sense of widening boundaries -- as if, just by orbiting one another's sphere of influence, your world is expanded. This feeling of affection and positivity fosters trust between you, so you both feel free to be your true selves in the relationship. Your lover communicates their true thoughts and feelings with honesty, unafraid that you misinterpret them. They may even find that you understand them better than they understand themselves, and can put their feelings into words better than they can. They have a feeling of gratitude for this gift, and you both realize how precious it really is -- to understand and be understood so well; to feel so close and supported, and to offer that support in return. You depend on each other and want to spend a lot of time together, at home alone as well as out and about with friends. Your social life is probably full. This aspect also helps you solve any disagreements that may come up, swiftly, fairly and easily.

Moon sextile Venus in the Transit Chart

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