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Moon sextile Uranus


Kelli Fox

This person has a highly stimulating effect on you, especially emotionally. They're more 'out there' than you are, which is both a source of constant interest as well as one of occasional irritation. You, being more grounded, are able to provide a much-needed anchor to keep your partner from flying off into the stratosphere.

The good thing about your connection is that this grounding influence won't happen in a restrictive way. Instead, you just find practical applications for your lover's weirder, more original ideas, which might not find expression otherwise. Open, easy communication is a theme between you, a comfortable ground where all those wild and wonderful ideas can take seed and grow. The expansion of your horizons go both ways. You find your partner's high-flying ideas to be very exciting, even exhilarating -- not to mention liberating. You find this relationship to be a highly creative one that pushes you to new frontiers in your thinking and your emotional expression. Communication is key here, so keep the pathways clear and open between you. You'll be amazed at what ideas and feelings will transpire between you!

Moon sextile Uranus in the Transit Chart

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