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Moon sextile Sun

Emotionally attuned

Kelli Fox

You enjoy a connection that is full of sensitivity, vitality and understanding. It's not that you're so similar on the outside; you may actually have very different personalities and hold quite different values and beliefs. But emotionally, you are naturally attuned, with similar energies.

Of course, you are individuals, which means you each bring different gifts to the relationship. For example, your partner may be naturally more outgoing than you, and they bring a level of excitement and vitality to the relationship. That energy sparks up your more nurturing energy; you are the one who remembers to add a dose of caring and sensitivity to your connection. Emotional spontaneity and openness are traits you do have in common, however they are expressed, and beyond that, you each recognize and appreciate what the other brings to the mix. You know instinctively that, as a team, you're greater than the sum of your individual parts. Together, you are capable of great sensitivity, intuition and protectiveness toward one another, and you both work hard to maintain the goodness you find in your relationship.

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