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Moon sextile Moon

Warts and all

Kelli Fox

Any other more fractious aspects to your relationship are greatly reduced by this aspect, which smoothes over any differences between you and gets you emotionally in sync. You tuned right in to each other from the start, intuiting each other's moods and agreeing on most everything under the sun! You make a lot of room for each other emotionally, because there has been a real feeling of compatibility between you from the very beginning -- but more than that, a certain affinity, a feeling of kinship between you.

Emotionally, you are very attuned. Trust has been build from the start, and most of your interactions serve to fortify that foundation. You just feel like friends -- good ones, that laugh and cry together and treat one another with care and good humor. This aspect lends your relationship plenty of long-term potential, because it take a lot to make you two take truly opposing stances on an issue. There is a general feeling of acceptance between you -- as if each of you is not only good enough as you are, but you are, in fact, just what the other was looking for, warts and all.

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