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Moon sextile Mars

Exciting stimulation

Kelli Fox

If you two end up forging or are in a long-term relationship, this aspect is a very helpful one, because it creates such an active, sensual, sexy energy between you! Your physical bond is hot, hot, hot. You are active lovers because your chemistry is based not only on physicality, but also on your emotional connection, which is stimulating to say the least.

You liven each other up, creating good moods and positive energy. You are upbeat together, and feel as if you're a great team that can tackle anything. Your connection isn't a sweet, calm one, either; you probably have plenty of lively debates and even impassioned arguments. But this relationship allows you both room to be and to represent yourselves as the unique individuals that you are. Neither of you steamrolls the other, but you both stand up for yourselves and your beliefs -- and that's the way it should be. After all, putting two different people in the same, intimate space for an extended period of time is bound to end up with some challenges and obstacles, right? You two just deal with those challenges better than another couple might. Any friction between you easily translates into positive energy -- and often, energy that's sexual in nature.

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