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Moon sextile Juno

Safe harbor

Kelli Fox

Before you had met, you had both been looking for love, and all your lives, you've known that it's a very important pursuit. Your whole life culminates with finding the mate of your dreams -- the person who can make you feel the most you, the most alive and positive; the person who can support you and love you and enjoy your company, all while still maintaining their own individuality. Even more importantly, the person who allows you to give them all those same gifts.

Well, your search could be over! This is one of the most important aspects to have between you when it comes to making a long-term commitment. You want to nurture your lover, to give them all the love and caring that are inside you. You could both feel as if you've come home to a safe harbor when you're together. Balancing your emotional needs with those of your partner shouldn't be a struggle; you both find it easy to be yourself in the relationship, to get what you need and also respond to your lover. You love this about each other; you both appreciate the depth of your emotional bond, and how easy it has been to forge it.

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