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Moon sextile Ascendant

An open flow

Kelli Fox

Your interactions are so smooth, you almost won't notice how smooth they are! You may notice that you feel really natural together, as if you've been friends forever, even when you only just met. There is some deep level of commonality you share that is beneficial for both of you.

You give your lover a lot of emotional support, which is wonderful -- but better yet, you somehow give expression to their emotional life, including the more difficult emotions that come up when life gets rough, as it inevitably does from time to time. You talk over your feelings and you also intuit how the other is feeling or handling things, and then you seamlessly glide into place wherever you're needed -- a cheerleader for your lover's accomplishments; a shoulder to cry on when they're feeling blue. This doesn't just go one way; you provide this support for each other, so you both feel taken care of and well understood. This influence has a lot of long-term potential for this reason. You are also quite creative together; you could launch a project as a team, or you could just enjoy a deep and diverse bond that you share and have fun with! You are able to help your lover through hard times due to this influence; you help them handle any heavy or otherwise difficult feelings, and process them in a healthy way.

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