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Moon quincunx Sun

A tricky bond

Kelli Fox

The emotional bond between you is tricky at best. Like any two individuals, you each bring some different needs to the relationship, needs that could seem to be in direct conflict. Unfortunately, you might both just think that your needs are opposing, and you end up creating a struggle where one doesn't need to exist.

Basically, what makes your partner feel creative, excited, sexy or empowered may make you feel uncomfortable or even threatened, and vice versa. Part of the problem is that experiences from your past -- sexual insecurities, for example, or old, failed relationships -- will get in the way of living fully and freely in the present. Oversensitivity may be an issue for you especially. Because you're operating from such different emotional bases, your partner sometimes ends up hurting your feelings without even meaning to. You're individuals, obviously; you're naturally more emotionally sensitive than your partner, and you more than likely get your feelings hurt most often; but really, you each step on the other's toes from time to time, because emotionally, you speak a different language. A lot of compromise and adjustment is necessary to make this work for both of you, not to mention plenty of open, gentle and honest communication about the things that make each of you feel vulnerable in an intimate relationship.

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